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Known Knowns and Known Unknowns in Constitutional Design by Mark Tushnet.

Creative Role of the Supreme Court of India in Enlarging and Protecting Human Rights by Soli J Sorabjee.

Why a ‘Cosmopolitan Constitution?’ Kantian Perspectives on Peace, Law and the Legitimacy of the International Order by Claudio Corradetti 

NCT Delhi V Union of India : The Role of the Westminster Style Cabinet System of Government in the Indian Federal Scheme by Preetika Mathur.

The Two Faces of Constituent Power by Ming-Sung Kou.

Courts, Good Governance and Democratic Consolidation: Lessons from India  and South Africa by Anashri Pillay.


Individual Decision-Making in Multi-Member Courts: A Potential Dialogue between Brazil and India? by Diego Werneck Arguelhes.