I congratulate the editors of the Indian Journal of Constitutional & Administrative Law and the associated Forum; I hope that the new journal will make a significant contribution to the development of scholarship on constitutional law in India. The topics of the inaugural issue give a picture of the importance and difficulty of the issues: they address judicial activism, sentencing for criminal offences, the swiftly-developing law on privacy, the regulation of orphanages, and free speech and sedition. In each of those areas (and we could give other examples), the Indian constitution makers -and present day advocates and judges- have learned from the constitutions of other countries; but in each of those areas, they have been involved in the prodigious effort to give effect to the principles of constitutionalism in the extraordinary political, social, economic and cultural conditions of modern India. That prodigious effort, which is so important to the future of the country, will benefit from careful and rigorous scholarship of the kind that I hope to see in future in the Journal.” 

– Timothy Endicott, Professor of Legal Philosophy, Balliol College, University of Oxford


The Indian Journal of Constitutional and Administrative Law contains information about the salient issues which concerns the legal fraternity and interest to the general public. It is highly commendable both for its contents and style.”

– Soli J. Sorabjee, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India; Attorney General of India (1998-2004)