Constitutional History

Constitutional Developments

-P. P. Rao The Constituent Assembly Debates and B. Shiva Rao’s ‘The Framing of India’s Constitution’ are helpful to understand the Constitution, its aims and objects, the overall scheme and the infrastructure designed for achieving […]

Politics & Constitutional Law

Free Speech, Nationalism & Sedition

Justice A.P.  Shah, former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, delivered the MN Roy Memorial Lecture on April 19, 2017, in New Delhi. We reproduce the full text: “A parochial, selfish, narrow minded nationalism has caused so much misfortune and misery to the world. A mad and exaggerated form [...]
Constitutional Theory

Challenges in Constitutional Law

-R. Venkataramani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India Walter Bagehot wrote the book ‘The English Constitution’ in 1867. He wrote it at a time when the representative government in England was undergoing changes in its representative […]